Advanced Emergency Medicine Boot Camp

Specifically Designed for PAs, NPs and Primary Care Physicians.

The Advanced EM Boot Camp Course - Take Your Practice to the Next Level

Now it’s time to drill down!

The Advanced EM Boot Camp is an intensive, 23.5-hour online CME course plus optional ECG and imaging workshops. Experience 44 exceptional topics with an award-winning EM faculty.

This course drills down on advanced EM topics catering to PAs, NPs, nurses, and PCPs. You’ll learn critical care, airway interventions, trauma management, pediatrics, cardiac care and more of what you need to become a master practitioner.

The online course is fully CME accredited and guaranteed to help optimize the care for your patients.

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Advanced EM Boot Camp course

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The Advanced CME Course for PAs, NPs, and PCPs in Emergency Medicine

Specifically Designed for PAs, NPs and Primary Care Physicians

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2 workshops
13 Faculty
23.5 cme credits

Here’s What You’ll Receive When You Attend the Course

  • Instruction by top award-winning Emergency Medicine educators/clinicians

    As with the Original EM Boot Camp course, the focus has been on engaging the absolute best, most enthusiastic and experienced Emergency Medicine educators, all of whom have worked extensively in a collaborative environment.

  • 44 fast-paced, upbeat & leading edge 30-minute presentations

    The focus is to go beyond the basics and present a series of tightly orchestrated presentations addressing the latest developments in EM practice.

  • 6 Q&A sessions with the faculty

    The Advanced EM Boot Camp faculty answer the most popular questions asked by the audience during the course.

  • An ongoing emphasis on key documentation and risk management concepts

    The many traps that wind up being the source of errors and potential litigation are discussed on an ongoing basis throughout the course presentations.

  • Literature support for faculty recommendations

    Where appropriate, the literature support for diagnostic and therapeutic approaches will be provided to optimize the evidence-based approach of the course.

  • A comprehensive printed course manual

    The 475+ page printed manual is designed for rapid review and easy retrieval of key concepts and essential information covered in the course.

  • Earn up to 23.5 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™ for the main course (earn up to 3.75 CME credits for the optional ECG workshop and 4.25 CME credits for the optional imaging workshop)

    Both PA and NP organizations recognize AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™ as approved CME.

In-Depth Optional ECG and Imaging Workshops

Close-up of ECG printout

ECG Boot Camp

The automated ECG printout is not always correct, and you’ve got the final say. Join us for a 4-hour intensive update that will sharpen your all-important ECG interpretation skills.

With almost 20% of all ED patients getting an ECG, the ability to interpret this important test is an essential ED skill. This course goes beyond the basics with regard to all manner of ECG presentations – from subtle ischemia, true posterior MIs, Brugada syndrome and arrhythmias, we’ll be covering high-yield ECG findings that you just can’t afford to miss. Learn the tricks and pearls that will provide a new level of confidence.

ECG Topics:
  • Interpreting the Electrocardiogram
  • Potentially Lethal ECGs
  • The Tachycardias
  • The Bradycardias
  • The ST Segment and T wave: Ischemia
  • The ST Segment and T wave: Nonischemia
  • Electrocardiography Unknowns
People reviewing x-rays

Imaging Boot Camp

Our 4-hour imaging workshop will boost your diagnostic acumen and increase your confidence when it comes to reading the core diagnostic images obtained in the ED.

This intensive workshop will take you to the next level with regard to the interpretation of ED images. Taught by front-line emergency physicians, you’ll learn common pitfalls to avoid when viewing all manner of ED imaging studies – from head CTs to chest x-rays to musculoskeletal images to pediatrics, you’ll achieve a new level of knowledge and confidence in this important component of ED patient evaluation.

Imaging Topics:
  • Interpretation of the Adult Chest X-rays
  • The Pediatric Chest and Abdominal X-rays
  • The Adult Lower Extremity
  • The Adult Upper Extremity
  • The Pediatric Extremities
  • Imaging of the Spine
  • The Head CT
  • Radiology Review: Unknowns
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Enjoy one of the most popular emergency medicine courses developed especially for pas, nps, and primary care physicians. You’ll be engaged, entertained, inspired and, best of all, increase your mastery of emergency medicine.

Meet Our Expert Faculty

The award-winning emergency medicine educators participating in the Advanced EM Boot Camp course will provide you with what you need to know to help you become a master practitioner.

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The self-study course is an easy and convenient way to advance your patient care.

Audio & video self-study versions are available.

Dive deeper into leading-edge topics ranging from vaginal bleeding to the febrile infant, giving you the key information you need to provide the best care for your patients.

  • Avoid the expense and hassle of travel
  • Don’t miss family/work obligations
  • Study at your own pace and on your own time
  • Available in a variety of formats to suit your needs