Advanced EM Boot Camp


The Following Overview Provides a Focused Outline for the Presentations in the Optional Workshops and Main Course.

ECG Boot Camp Topics
(Optional Workshop – Sept. 19)

  • Interpreting the Electrocardiogram
  • The Tachycardias
  • The Bradycardias
  • The ST Segment and T wave: Ischemia
  • The ST Segment and T wave: Nonischemia
  • Potentially Lethal ECGs
  • Electrocardiography Review: Unknowns
  • Question/Answer Session

Imaging Boot Camp Topics
(Optional Workshop – Sept. 19)

  • Interpretation of the Adult Chest X-ray
  • The Adult Upper Extremity
  • The Adult Lower Extremity
  • The Pediatric Extremities
  • The Pediatric Chest and Abdominal X-rays
  • Spinal Imaging
  • The Head CT
  • Radiology Review: Unknowns

Advanced EM Boot Camp Topics
(Main Course – September 20-22)


  • Mythbusting in Emergency Medicine
  • State-of-the-Art Resuscitation: The Bleeding Patient
  • State-of-the-Art Resuscitation: The Critically Ill Medical Patient
  • Tricks of the Trade for the Master Practitioner
  • Serious Causes of Common Complaints
  • Avoiding Errors in Medical Decision Making
  • Critical Cases You Can’t Miss (1 Session/Day)
  • Cutting Edge Literature That Will Change Your Practice (1 Session/Day)
  • Question/Answer Panel Session (2 Sessions/Day)


  • Avoiding Errors: Understanding Medical Decision Making
  • Perfect Phrases for Difficult Situations: The Toolbox
  • Fried to a Crisp: Understanding and Preventing Burnout
  • Optimizing the ED Patient Experience


  • Best Practice: Rapid Sequence Intubation
  • Best Practice: Procedural Sedation
  • Effectively Using Airway Adjuncts, From Noninvasive Ventilation to Videoscopes
  • Creating the Ouchless ED
  • The Master Practitioner: Nerve Blocks You Need to Know


  • Minimizing the Risk of Low Risk Chest Pain
  • More Than ACS: Potentially Lethal Causes of Chest Pain


  • The High-Risk Patient with Abdominal Pain


  • The Anticoagulated Patient in the Emergency Department
  • Oncologic Emergencies: When Cancer Comes to the ER
  • Transfusions: Risks, Benefits and Controversies


  • Best Practice: Emergency Imaging


  • Medicolegal Quicksand: The System
  • Medicolegal Quicksand: The Patient


  • The Seizing Patient: Optimizing Diagnosis and Treatment
  • The Dizzy Patient: When Is “Spinning” Life-Threatening?
  • The Rapid Emergency Department Neurologic Exam
  • Stroke and TIA Update


  • Finding the Threats: Pelvic Pain and Vaginal Bleeding


  • Fun and Interesting Reductions
  • The Rapid Orthopedic Exam


  • Best Practice: The Febrile Child
  • Assessment and Treatment of Neonatal Emergencies
  • The Acutely Withdrawing Patient
  • Evidence-Based Approach to the Wheezing or Croupy Child


  • When the Triage Note Says “SOB”: The Dyspneic Adult


  • The Rapid Trauma Exam


  • Drugs Today: What’s New in Toxicology?
  • The Opioid Epidemic: Past, Present and Future