DEA Licensee SUD Training Self-Study Course includes 20 lectures:

  1. Introduction of Content and the Opioid Epidemic (3:12)
  2. SUD: Risk Factors and Validated Screening Tools (29:46)
  3. SUD: Diagnosis and Assessment (10:23)
  4. Initiation and Management of FDA Approved Medications for SUDs (28:37)
  5. Polysubstance Use and Co-Occurring Mental Disorders (27:06)
  6. Patient and Family Education on Safety and Overdose Prevention (19:27)
  7. New Drug Update (30:15)
  8. Patient and Relationship-Centered Care for Patients With Substance Use Disorders (19:46)
  9. Empowering Patients: Motivational Interviewing and Shared Decision Making (24:31)
  10. How Stigma, Trauma, and the Social Determinants of Health Impact SUD and Recovery (15:52)
  11. Collaboration to Facilitate Access to Care (8:47)
  12. Legal and Ethical Issues Involved in the Care of Patients With SUD (21:34)
  13. Assessing the Patient With Acute, Subacute, or Chronic Pain (25:10)
  14. How to Develop an Effective Treatment Plan With a Multidisciplinary Approach (26:22)
  15. Managing Patients on Opioids and When to Taper Off (46:24)
  16. Recognizing Signs of OUD in the Setting of Prescribed Opioids (37:03)
  17. Embracing Therapeutic Alliance Through Harm Reduction (28:24)
  18. Case Studies: Opioid Use Disorder Treatment (25:06)
  19. Patient Interview – Anesthesiologist (44:44)
  20. Course Conclusion (21s)

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