Emergency Medicine Boot Camp

Emergency Medicine Boot Camp:
Residency Edition

Why Some of the Oldest, Largest, Most Prestigious EM Residencies Have Chosen Our Top-Rated EM Boot Camp Course for Their First Year Residents

Only $250 Per Resident When All Your First Year Residents Are Enrolled. A Savings of $195 Per Resident

Please call our office at 1-800-458-4779 between 9am and 4:30pm EDT to purchase or for any questions. Our staff will be happy to assist you.

Sample Lectures

Our 20-hour audio / video course is available on any internet-accessible device (smart phones, tablets and PCs) and:

  • Over the last 2.5 years the course has been attended by more than 7,000 participants – the response has truly been extraordinary and unprecedented.
  • The course was designed to get new EM practitioners (including PAs, NPs and primary care physicians) up to speed quickly with regard to charting, risk management, ED processes and the clinical approach to the vast majority of ED presentations.
  • The course will energize and enthuse your new residents about the specialty of emergency medicine and jump start them in their clinical careers.
  • The course will help decrease some of their fears and anxieties about being in the ED given that they can quickly access the numerous 30-minute lectures on the topics of interest.
  • The course was developed by career EM educators and is delivered by some of the best faculty in emergency medicine – Diane Birnbaumer, Billy Mallon, Stuart Swadron, Greg Henry, Kevin Klauer, Jan Shoenberger and Rick Bukata.
  • The new residents will be truly appreciative of your efforts to help them effectively transition into the ED and their new careers.
  • The cost -- $250 per first-year resident and we’ll include two additional licenses at no charge for two faculty members of your choosing.
  • And, we’ll provide a “no-risk” guarantee assuring you a full refund if the course does not meet your expectations.

Great Value!

Save compared to the standard physician price.

If you or your residents are not satisfied with the EM Boot Camp Course for any reason, receive a 100% money back guarantee.

2015 Series includes 31 lectures:

  1. Reader Beware (30:38)
  2. Avoiding Diagnostic Error (23:40)
  3. Pediatric Illnesses (32:06)
  4. Fever In TheReturned Traveler (33:10)
  5. Important Recent EM Literature Part 1 (1h, 29m)
  6. Shared Decision Making In EM (32:07)
  7. Management Of End of Life Issues (27:02)
  8. Blood: The Liquid Tissue Transplant (28:34)
  9. 2014 AHA/ACC UA/NSTEMI: Controversies (29:00)
  10. Issues Concerning the PA/NP In The ED (32:00)
  11. Focused Approach To The Dizzy Patient (25:57)
  12. Pneumonia: X-Ray Or Ultrasound (21:51)
  13. Important Recent EM Literature Part 2 (1h, 36m)
  14. TIAs In the Emergency Department (28:42)
  15. 2014 AHA/ACC UA/NSTEMI: Risk Stratification (29:28)
  16. 2014 IDSA Abscess Guidelines (26:33)
  17. Cellulitis To Necrotizing Fasciitis (32:21)
  18. Visual Diagnosis Part 1 (21:43)
  19. Controversies In The Management Of Sepsis (25:56)
  20. Optimizing ED Operations (1h, 25m)
  21. Visual Diagnosis Part 2 (36:26)
  22. Helium And Oxygen In The ED (24:19)
  23. Head Trauma In The Anticoagulated Patient (26:38)
  24. Syncope: Benign vs. Deadly (26:38)
  25. AHA STEMI Guidelines: 2013 (32:29)
  26. MRI vs. CT In The ED Setting (26:35)
  27. Opiate Misuse vs. Oligoanalgesia (35:29)
  28. Diagnostic And Therapeutic Controversies (1h, 27m)
  29. New Drugs In The ED (23:03)
  30. Emergency Medicine Gadgets And Gizmos (31:56)
  31. Myths In Emergency Medicine (26:51)