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The Self-Study Course Designed to Keep You Out of the Courtroom

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High Risk Emergency Medicine Self-Study Course includes 23 lectures:

  1. The Big Picture (17:47)
  2. Risk Trends and Threats (57:06)
  3. Sepsis (24:41)
  4. Legal Disasters in Acute Coronary Syndrome (52:47)
  5. Spin Class – Dizziness and Stroke (25:20)
  6. Wide Complex Tachycardias: Myths and Pitfalls (59:26)
  7. Tearing a Hole in Your Risk Management: Acute Aortic Dissection (20:48)
  8. Back Pain (21:01)
  9. Geriatric Emergency Medicine – Older Is Riskier (40:15)
  10. Pediatrics High Risk – Smaller People, Not Smaller Risk: Part 1 (32:29)
  11. Pediatrics High Risk – Smaller People, Not Smaller Risk: Part 2 (40:43)
  12. The Suicidal Patient (29:00)
  13. Manage Yourself, Manage Your Risk (31:33)
  14. Pulmonary Embolism (24:31)
  15. Risk of Transition of Care from ED to Inpatient (21:10)
  16. Medical Legal Quicksand: The Patient (59:06)
  17. Medical Legal Quicksand: The System (33:05)
  18. Medico-legal Panel: Bring Your Questions! (1h, 15m)
  19. Ten Most Important Legal Questions Asked (1h, 03m)
  20. EMTALA (58:39)
  21. Documentation (38:38)
  22. Surviving a Lawsuit (44:27)
  23. Mock Deposition (45:36)

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Self-Study Refund/Cancellation Policy

We do not accept cancellations for our self-study products. In rare circumstances, cancellations must be made to The Center for Medical Education via phone (800-458-4779), fax (610-454-9494) or email (support@ccme.org) prior to downloading or viewing the material and will be charged a $50 cancellation fee.

No refunds will be given after the material has been downloaded.