Innovations in ED Management

Attend the ED Design Mini-Course Without Registering for the Main Course

Join Us in 2023 for a New 18-Hour Intensive and Advanced ED Operations Conference for ED Leadership Teams

Plus, Optional ED Design Mini‑Course

Don’t Miss Our 19th Annual Conference!

The focus of the 2023 Innovations in Emergency Department Management Conference will be on leadership, management, operations, logistics, strategic planning and healthcare reform. This three-day immersion into the challenges of running an ED will provide you and your leadership team with the tools and techniques to create a world-class emergency department. You’ll hear from “been there, done that” experts who have created successful practices in the ever-changing world of emergency medicine.

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Innovations in ED Management Conference

Connect With Colleagues, Learn New Skill Sets and Operational Concepts.

Return Home With a Series of Tested Solutions and a Renewed Enthusiasm for Creating an Exemplary Emergency Department.

Why Your ED Leadership Team Should Attend in 2023

April 11–13, 2023 (Main Course)

Managing the many challenges associated with the functioning of a contemporary emergency department can prove daunting to even the most skilled managers. The many difficulties that exist can be just overwhelming, yet there are answers. There are EDs that have faced the same challenges and have come up with viable solutions.

  • KEYNOTE: The "NO BOARDING" Hospital and How You Can Get One
  • Avoidable Admissions: The Hospital at Home Program
  • The 24/7 Hospital
  • Outstanding Leadership Made Simple
  • Problem Solving Solutions for the Smaller ED
  • The Next Ten Years in EM and Unscheduled Care
  • Best Practices for Hospital Medicine 2023
  • The ED Intake Models Menu: Make Your Selection
  • New Concepts at the ED/EMS Interface
  • Improving MRI Turnaround at Your Hospital
  • Extreme ED Daily Variation: Tricks and Tips to Manage
  • The Economics of Emergency Medicine: How We Got Here
  • Benchmarks for ED Imaging: What Do We Know?
  • MAT: New ED Tricks for the Opioid Crisis
  • Do We Have to Admit? Alternative Disposition Programs
  • Using Data to Drive ED Staffing and Scheduling
  • Educational Local ED Tour: Banner University Medical Center
  • And Much More…

ED Design Mini-Course

April 13–14, 2023 (Optional)

Emergency Signage above building entrance

New for 2023! ED Design Mini‑Course (Optional Registration)

Extend your stay by one day and join us for our 10-hour ED Design Mini-Course. Hear lectures focusing on planning and designing your new emergency department with all of the latest design strategies.

One lesson learned by emergency medicine stakeholders during the pandemic – our emergency departments were not designed to meet the challenges we faced. Led by a team of architects with emergency department design experience and clinicians with operational expertise, the EDBA ED Design Mini-Course is a unique learning opportunity. Using the TED TALKS didactic format, each mini-course attendee will leave with all the knowledge necessary to tackle new design projects at the home hospital. If a new ED or an ED remodel are in your future, do not miss this opportunity to prepare for your new design.

Mini-Course Topics:
  • ED Design in a Post Pandemic World
  • Mission, Marketing, and Design
  • Designing for Quality and Safety
  • Modeling and Pre-Design
  • Designing for Flow
  • Design, Development, and Construction
  • Freestanding and Specialty EDs
  • Acuity Based ED Zones
  • Staff Friendly Design
  • Building Budgets and ROI
  • Special Design Considerations
  • Information Technology and Telemedicine
  • Project Delivery Approaches
  • Moving into a New Emergency Department
  • Small Space Design

Poster Session & Competition

Showcase Your Work! Submit a Poster Abstract for a Chance to Win Some Great Gifts.

The Innovations in Emergency Department Management conference invites you to submit a poster abstract for the annual competition held during the conference in Phoenix this year. Receive $100 towards your conference registration for each poster submitted. The winner of the competition will also receive $500 and the runner-up will receive $250.

Poster Session Competition

Meet Our Expert Faculty

Our Energetic and Effective Faculty of Emergency Department Thought Leaders Will Provide You With All-New Skill Sets and Operational Concepts to Effectively Manage Your Emergency Department.

Thanks to Our Sponsors for Helping Make the Innovations in Emergency Department Management Conference Possible.

Can’t Make It to the Live Course? No Problem.

Audio & Video Self-Study Versions Are Available.

The 2023 Innovations in Emergency Department Management Conference will be professionally recorded and made available for self-study in mid 2023.

  • Avoid the expense and hassle of travel
  • Don’t miss family/work obligations
  • Study at your pace and on your own time
  • Available in a variety of formats to suit your needs