Innovations in ED Management

Poster Session & Competition

The Innovations in ED Management Conference invites you to submit a poster abstract for the annual competition to be held during the conference in Orlando this year!

Innovation Ideas Might Include

  • New Intake Strategies
  • Boarding Solutions
  • IT Solutions
  • Improving Communication
  • Patient Flow Improvements
  • Expediting Admissions
  • Discharge Processes
  • Protocols and Standardization

If Your Poster Is Selected for Presentation

  • You will receive $100 towards your conference registration for each poster submitted.
  • The winner of the competition will also receive $500 and the runner-up will receive $250.

No advanced statistics are required. We are looking to showcase innovations occurring in hospitals across the country. You don't have to be an academic center to showcase your work. This is the perfect venue to show and share great ideas occurring on the front lines!

Each abstract will go thru our review process and will be selected based on an average numerical score. Posters should fit a 30” (height) and 40” (width) poster board.

The deadline to submit a poster abstract has past.

For questions regarding the poster abstract competition, please contact Nick Jouriles, MD at

Poster Competition