Self-Study Course Topics

Couldn’t make the 28th Annual USC National Trauma, Critical Care, and Acute Care Surgery Symposium? No problem. Catch all of the lectures and discussions with the new, fully-accredited self-study version of the course. You’ll hear and see all of the presentations – when it’s convenient for you.

  • Welcome and Opening RemarksDemetrios Demetriades, MD, PhD and Jorge Orozco, CEO, LAC+USC Medical Center

SESSION 1: Prehospital and Emergency Department

Moderator: Carl R. Chudnofsky, MD

  • Emergency Medical Treatment in the Hot ZonePatrick Rudolf, LAPD, EMT
  • Acute Resuscitation in 2022: Whole Blood, Routine TXA the New Standards?CDR Jeffrey C. Chao, MD
  • CT Scan Evaluation of the Pediatric Trauma PatientSean Johnston, MD
  • Reversal of Novel Oral Anticoagulants (NOACs) in Trauma: When and What?Eric J. Ley, MD
  • Routine Intubation in All TBls with GCS<g: Is It Still the Standard of Care?Elizabeth R. Benjamin, MD, PhD
  • Discussion

SESSION 2: Military Session

Moderator: CDR Jeffrey C. Chao, MD

  • Blast InjuriesPeter Rhee, MD, MPH
  • Decompressive Craniectomy for Severe TBI: Lessons Learned from the Recent WarsCOL (ret.) Matthew Martin, MD
  • Damage Control Teams In An Austere Environment: Personnel, Training, and EquipmentCDR Jeffrey C. Chao, MD
  • Discussion

SESSION 3: Distinguished Professor and Keynote Speaker

Moderator: Demetrios Demetriades, MD, PhD

  • Keynote Lecture: It Takes a Village... Building Teams to Lead in Academic Surgery and Global HealthRaul Coimbra, MD, PhD

SESSION 4: Challenging Problems in Acute Care Surgery!

Moderator: Kazuhide Matsushima, MD, FACS

  • Emergency General Surgery in PregnancyDaniel R. Margulies, MD
  • Trauma in PregnancyBrant A. Putnam, MD
  • Small Bowel Obstruction in the Virgin AbdomenEugenia Lee, MD
  • The Difficult Ostomy: Tips and Pitfalls!Glenn T. Ault, MD, MSEd
  • Management of Short Bowel SyndromeEmily Switzer, MD
  • Discussion

SESSION 5: Luncheon Session

Introduction: Demetrios Demetriades, MD, PhD

  • Success Factors in Academic SurgeryKenneth L. Mattox, MD

SESSION 6: Organ Donation

Moderator: Lydia Lam, MD

  • Organ Donation: The Family's PerspectiveSpecial Speaker
  • The Effect of COVID-19 on Organ DonationLydia Lam, MD
  • Management of Organ Donors in Special Centers Improves ResultsPrasad Garimella, MD

SESSION 7: Better Trauma and Emergency Surgery Care

Moderator: Kenji Inaba, MD, MSc

  • Acute Appendicitis: Is Selective Nonoperative Management the New Standard?Damon H. Clark, MD
  • VTE Chemoprophylaxis After Solid Organ Injury: Optimal Time and Type of ProphylaxisMorgan A. Schellenberg, MD, MPH
  • ERAS (Enhanced Recovery After Surgery): Does it Work?Stephen F. Sener, MD
  • Anesthesia: Tips and Pitfalls in the Critically Unstable Trauma PatientRodney McKeever, MD
  • Discussion

SESSION 8: Challenging Problems in Trauma

Moderator: Kenneth L. Mattox, MD

  • Trauma in the Cirrhotic PatientCarlos V.R. Brown, MD
  • Bowel Anastomosis or Bowel in Discontinuity in Damage Control Laparotomy?Elizabeth R. Benjamin, MD, PhD
  • Retrohepatic IVC Injuries Revisted: A New Approach?Bradley Allen, MD
  • Discussion

SESSION 9: Capsule Commentaries - Trauma Care

Moderator: Morgan Schellenberg, MD, MPH

  • Retained Bullet Fragments and Lead Poisoning: Fact or MythMichael Sise, MD
  • Zones Approach in Penetrating Neck Injury: Perpetuating Useless Dogma?Jennie Kim, MD
  • Hemodynamic Management of Spinal Cord InjuryMeghan Lewis, MD
  • Enzymatic Debridement of Acute Burns: What's New?Ian Powelson, MD
  • Diagnostic Pertoneal Aspirate in the Era of eFAST and CT Scan?Morgan A. Schellenberg, MD, MPH
  • Discussion

SESSION 10: One Hour with Dimitri: Believe It or Not!

Moderator: Demetrios Demetriades, MD, PhD

  • Panel

    Daniel R. Margulies, MD

    Lt. Col. (ret.) Jay J. Doucet, MD, MSc

    Brant A. Putnam, MD

    Megan Brenner, MD, MS

    Mark Kaplan, MD

    Kenneth L. Mattox, MD

SESSION 11: In the ICU

Moderator: Meghan Lewis, MD

  • Integrating TEG: Practicing Tips and Pitfalls, Clinical Versus Lab Run, How to Interpret!Lt. Col (ret.) Jay J. Doucet, MD, MSc
  • Beta Blockers for Traumatic Brain Injury: Should They Be Part of the Standard Protocols?Eric J. Ley, MD
  • Food for Thought: Nutrition Delivery and lmmunonutrition in the Critically Ill PatientSubarna Biswas, MD, PhD
  • Proning in Severe ARDS: Life-Saving or a Dangerous Escalation?Gaurav Garg, MD
  • End of Life Discussions in the ICUAaron D. Storms, MD
  • Discussion

SESSION 12: Community and International Programs

Moderator: Damon H. Clark, MD

  • Using Technology in Disaster PlansJ. Perren Cobb, MD
  • International Trauma Outreach: The UAE ExperienceLt. Col. Brian Gavitt, MD, MPH
  • Should Helmets Be Compulsory for Skateboarders?MAJ Joshua Dilday, MD
  • Discussion

SESSION 13: Keynote Speaker

Introduction: Demetrios Demetriades, MD, PhD

  • Keynote Lecture: Mission to Mars: Preparing for Medical EmergenciesMichael R. Barratt, MD

SESSION 14: The Tom Noguchi Session: Coroner’s Corner

Moderator: Thomas Noguchi, MD

  • Unusual Coroner's CasesJonathan Lucas, MD, Chief Medical Examiner Coroner
  • Discussion

SESSION 15: Video Sessions - How To…

Moderator: Kazuhide Matsushima, MD

  • Rib Fixation Step By StepKazuhide Matsushima, MD
  • Popliteal Vascular ExposureBrent Emigh, MD
  • Mediastinal Vascular ExposureCristina Novak, MD
  • Resuscitative Thoracotomy: Technique, Tips, and PitfallsMAJ Benjamin Franklin, MD
  • VATS in TraumaChance Nichols, MD
  • Discussion

SESSION 16: Luncheon Session

Moderator: Kenji Inaba, MD, MSc

  • Burnout and Depression in the Era of COVID-19 and Social Isolation: A Real Threat to Trauma Surgeons and Nurses!Michael Sise, MD

SESSION 17: Challenging and Controversial Issues

Moderator: Elizabeth Benjamin, MD, PhD

  • Proliferation of Trauma Centers - Solution or Dilution?Peter Rhee, MD, MPH
  • Surgical Advocacy: Why It Is Important and How To Be EffectiveLt. Col. Brian Gavitt, MD, MPH
  • Local Management of Entero-atmospheric Fistulas: Tips and PitfallsMark Kaplan, MD
  • REBOA For Non-Trauma Surgical Emergencies?Megan Brenner, MD, MS
  • Discussion

SESSION 18: Debate - Acute Trauma Resuscitation: Component Therapy Versus Whole Blood?

Moderator: Kenji Inaba, MD, MSc

  • Balanced Component Therapy is the Evidence-Based Standard of Care!Carlos V.R. Brown, MD
  • Whole Blood is Superior and the New Standard for Trauma Resuscitation!COL (ret.) Matthew Martin, MD
  • Resolution: Lets Agree!

SESSION 19: Damage Control in Desperate Situations

Moderator: COL (ret.) Matthew Martin, MD

  • Damage Control for Pelvic Fracture Bleeding: Preperitoneal Packing or Abdominal Exploration?Areg Grigorian, MD
  • Vascular Damage Control: Techniques and PitfallsJennifer Smith, MD
  • Damage Control Laparotomy: Tips and PitfallsMark Kaplan, MD
  • Discussion

SESSION 20: Rheeopardy

Moderator: Peter Rhee, MD, MPH

  • Panel

    USC Cedars Sinai UCR